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The exterior of these building were powerwashed, primed, and painted as part of a renovation project to update the property. Transwestern Property Services Inc..

Part of the new addition to Twelve Oaks Mall, Martin & Osa is an attractive retail store with a venetian plaster storefront.

This dining and entertainment facility, opened in 2008,  has an upscale interior designed to reflect the outstanding food and jazz artists that perform there

The Thomson Medstat project includes special coatings throughout the tenant space. Completed in August of 2007, this project is an example of PrimeStar’s ability to install special coatings within a project schedule.

The interior corridors were updated with wallcovering, paint, and carpeting by Transwestern Property Services Inc. The renovation of the building is attracting new tenants monthly.

Exterior Painting— Lahser I & II Southfield, MI







 Southfield, MI

Thomson Reuters - Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor, MI

Arturo’s Jazz Theatre—Southfield, MI

Martin & Osa—Twelve Oaks Mall

Novi, MI

Corridor Renovation— Lahser I & II

Southfield, MI




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